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<p>Tribute Games will be bringing its single-screen pixel art brawler Curses 'N Chaos to Europe on PS Vita and PS4 on September 11th.</p><p>As we covered previously, the game was released in North America back on August 18th.</p><p>It supports cross-buy, cross-play, and cross-save so you can move between the console and handheld versions freely.</p><p>The PS Vita version also has adhoc multiplayer and supports Vita TV with couch co-op.</p><p>Curses 'N Chaos has you Lea and Leo fight off ghouls, goblins, and wolves. They're cursed, you see, and need to collect ingredients from their fallen foe to construct the cure.</p><p>If they don't get that cure in timely fashion then the Grim Reaper will pay them a visit. No one wants that..

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com.sigmateam.Horse Races

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