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"Jiangnan can be lotus, lotus leaf Ho Tien." Whether you always dream of a small boat by a small boat, in the half-person high through the lotus leaf. Let hands gracefully stroked with a dew of the Lian Peng, took a deep, that fragrance has let you intoxicated.
Whether you always want to be in a quiet moonlight, alone in the pine forest, the spring is the heart of the melody, the poetic time for you to stay at this moment.
The brutal reality will always wake you from your dreams, you are trapped in the hustle and bustle of the city, where is the natural? But do not have to melancholy do not have grief, close your eyes, listen to the voice of the soul. The city's body can not stop the natural yearning heart, as long as there is a sentimental and natural heart, the city will be covered with a layer of velvet green.
Morning, walking on the road. The willow shore, in the wind gently stroking the water slightly trembling, but no one catkins of Piaofei, probably they have already fly in the spring breeze of the bar. In the hurry of the pace, we do not know how much life missed the good. Why do not you look up at the horizon? The soft glow is a fairy falling out of the neon, the golden sun is through the mist to smile to you. The name of the sun roll, lazily lying on the leaves, so that the green blood flashing attractive light. Suddenly, the city melted in your eyes, one by one as if the tall buildings in the rain forest in the trees towering trees, ears of the car into a constant song singing sweet birds. You walk in the towering old trees, and the sun gently around you. It turned out that life in nature only a moment of moving.

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